Picture it: Sicily, 2020?

The global coronavirus lockdown has left many of us dreaming of beaches, strolling charming towns, and enjoying delicious cuisine from LITERALLY ANYWHERE that isn't our own kitchen. 

Well, if travel is allowed any time this year, and we are allowed to see the sights, Sicily has an offer that we can't refuse (or it certainly would be very hard to refuse). 

The southern Italian island has lost more than $1.09 billion in tourism revenue due to the coronavirus restrictions. Tourism is a big part of the overall country of Italy, and like most other vacation destinations, it is hitting economies hard. 

So, Sicily wants to entice you to its sandy beaches and beautiful blue waters by paying for part of your visit. If you make a trip later this year (if it's an option), the island will pay for half of your flight costs and a third of your hotel expenses. Yes, you heard that right—it's an amazing deal.

But that's not all! Sicily will also provide free tickets to many of its museums and archaeological sites. The island hopes to draw tourists in after the lockdown laws ease, and wants you to have such an amazing time, that you'll come back often. 

"The day when we come out of our homes and resume normal life, we will be looking for sun, eager to run along a fine sandy beach, to swim into a blue sea, to explore a volcano, to get lost into the alleys of an ancient village or among ancient stones that resound with past stories about far, Greek colonists … in a few words we would like to fill our eyes and hearts with beauty… We’ll need Sicily!" said the official travel site Visit Sicily

How it Works

Website: Visit Sicily

You will have to visit the website to get a voucher for your travel soon after the country reopens its borders. So far, there doesn't seem to be any information about the travel deal on the page, but there is plenty of vacation ideas and wonderful pictures to get you super excited to take a trip! 

Is this an offer you can't refuse? Let us know in the comments.