Driving used to be a whole lot worse.

Backing Up: Then

Backing up means keeping your eyes glued to the review mirror. No wait, look in the side mirrors. Did something just move? Slam on the brakes? Okay, keep going. Repeat this process 5-6 times and you’ll finally make it out of the driveway

Backing Up: Now

Put your car in reverse, wait for the backup camera to give the all-clear, and zoom on out of there.

Courtesy of TheWireCutter

Answering a Call: Then

“Wait! Sorry! I didn’t hear that! Say that again? Hold on a second, I’m trying to merge. THIS GUY WON’T LET ME OVER.” 

From the moment you see a call notification, get ready for a frantic game of hot potato as you try to alternate your attention between your phone, the steering wheel, and the road.

Answering a Call: Now

Just press a button on the built-in touchscreen terminal and start talking. Bonus points if you’re wearing slick sunglasses. It means you can drive around answering calls like some sort of space detective from the future. 

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Switching Lanes: Then

Check your blindspot. Now doublecheck your blind spot. Is that car still there? Accelerate so you can switch lanes. Check your blind spot again. Is that car trying to prevent you from merging? Slow down a bit so it can pass. Watch it slow down. Speed up again. Swear loudly.

Switching Lanes: Now

Three words: Blind. Spot. Detection. 

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Road Trips: Then

Prepare yourself for 6 hours minutes of pure anxiety. Check your blind spot. Speed up. Oh, no! Not that fast! Slow down a bit. Speed up more! Slam on your breaks! Someone is yelling something. Maybe we’re all yelling. Stress. Chaos. 

Road Trips: Now

Relax. Focus on the road. Drive. Your car is doing the hard work for you.

Courtesy of INFINITI

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