"Where you lead
I will follow ..."

Every Gilmore Girls fan, at one point or another, has dreamt of being in Stars Hollow, having coffee at Luke's Diner and visiting the Gilmore home when it's decked in holiday decorations. Now such dreams can come true for this year's Christmas season. Warner Bros. is transforming its backlot into Stars Hollow once again.

Between December 21, 2019, and January 5, 2020, the three Studio Tours will be rebuilt as the iconic sites of Stars Hollow, including Luke's Diner, Lorelai's house, Stars Hollow High, and, of course, the gazebo.

Gilmore Girls House

Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Visitors to the studios in Burbank, California, will be able to visit the real house that Lorelai and Rory called home on the show for the majority of 2000 to 2007 while the show aired on the WB and CW.

During the visit to the house, fans can eat lunch รก la Gilmore Girls (let's not forget the copious amounts of coffee). There will be holiday-themed snacks available for purchase and some of Lorelai's favorite lunch options, like hamburgers, chicken tenders, and hot dogs.

They can also check out some of the real costumes and props used on the show and possibly enjoy some recreated scenes. As it will be the holiday season, the sets will be heavily decorated with Christmas lights and ornaments, just as it was in the show. Fans can also stop by the town square and take pictures in the iconic gazebo, where so many memorable scenes took place and where the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life ended with some big news.

Gilmore Girls Gazebo

Courtesy of Netflix

Lorelai and Rory lovers should also bring their wallets because there will be a gift shop inside the house selling all kinds of Gilmore Girls merchandise.

To gain admission to the fictional town, guests have three purchase options: the regular Studio Tour, the Classics Made Here Tour, or the Deluxe Tour. All admissions include a tour of Stars Hollow but lunch is not included with the ticket cost. Warner Bros. suggests booking ahead of time and urges fans to book their visit at wbstudiotour.com.

Will you be paying Stars Hollow a visit this winter? What's your favorite Gilmore Girls moments or quote? Sound off in the comments below. "Oy, with the poodles already!"