Disney is replacing its theme park's FastPass systems with a new app-based service.

The days of the free line passes at Disney Parks are coming to an end. Disney announced it will be replacing the FastPass system with a new service called “Genie”.

Genie and Genie+ are mobile applications that will allow guests to reserve a spot on one ride at a time, for a daily fee. Genie+ users will also have access to  “lightning lanes”, a service that gets you to the entrance to some of the busiest rides for an additional fee. Genie also has a free component that guests can use to plan their visit, make dinner reservations or see how long the line is at their favorite ride. 

The coronavirus has spurred theme parks, sports, and entertainment venues to move as many services as they can be mobile, increasing efficiency and decreasing contact.

The Genie + service will available in the Disney Parks app and costs $15 per day at Disney World and $20 per day at Disneyland. Just like a FastPass, you can only reserve one ride at a time and it only works on a select number of rides. Lightning Lanes will let guests secure a spot on the park’s most popular rides that aren’t available in Genie+. Guests will only get two of these per day and there will be a fee on top of the daily Genie+ charge. Genie+ users will also get access to extras like exclusive photo filters and unlimited photo pass downloads at Disneyland.

The good news is you can still enjoy some features of Genie without paying a daily fee. The new service can help you schedule your day at Disney with ride itineraries, show reservations, mobile dining orders, and more. Don’t know what you want to do? Tell Genie your interests and it will create a schedule for you. Genie will also let your group reserve virtual queues, the free ride reservation service, and let you know when your favorite rides have short wait times. Genie+ plus is expected to launch this fall.