Nothing like a job with a view!

Hawaii has announced a long-term volunteer program on the islands and needs 50 hardworking women and men who want a break from regular life to come to help out. The program is part of a grassroots initiative called Movers & Shakas, which is trying to bring more talented professionals to the islands to build up and diversify the workforce. 

Because the pandemic has made telework and working from home a normal thing, the group wants to support those workers, and encourage new talent to come to Hawaii. The program focuses on following the host culture of Hawaii and stresses that a big part of becoming part of the group is to commit to being a good neighbor. 

Those selected will work with a group of local education nonprofits to give back to the community. The pilot program will provide airfare to Oahu, discounted lodging, discounted meals, free co-working space, and plenty of community-building opportunities. Participants will be required to put in a few hours every week of volunteer time while they enjoy the many amazing benefits of the paradise locale.

The ideal candidate will be a fully employed domestic worker in a remote role and not a current resident of Hawaii. Those selected will need to commit to staying in Hawaii for one month and will need to report within 30 days of being selected.

The program is open for applicants now. Learn more and submit your application here

People traveling to Hawaii must have a negative COVID-19 test result from an approved lab 72 hours prior to arriving in the state, or quarantine for 14 days once they arrive. Right now, the program is only for the island of Oahu, however, if it goes well, they plan to expand to the other islands. 

Does a temporary relocation to Hawaii to work and volunteer sound like a good change of pace for you? Comment below.