The recent travel ban prohibits travel of U.S.-based planes and ships to Cuba. Here is how some cruise lines are handling this new policy.

If your upcoming vacation plans include a stop in Cuba, you'll need to rethink them. On June 4, 2019, the U.S. State Department announced a travel ban of American planes and ships to Cuba. According to the official announcement, this ban applies to "passenger and recreational vessels, including cruise ships and yachts, and private and corporate aircraft."

Here is how several corporations are responding:

Norwegian Cruise LIne

If you have a cruise booked with Norwegian and Cuba was one of its ports of call, your cruise will be modified to stop at an alternate destination. Keeping your modified cruise will get you a 50 percent refund of the ticket price paid and a 50 percent off discount on a future cruise, valid until December 2020. If you prefer to cancel your cruise outright, you can get a full refund if you notify Norwegian by June 11, 2019. 

For more information, visit the Norwegian Cruise Line website.

cruise ship

Courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line

If you're cruising on Carnival in 2019 with a Cuban stop, give them a call at (800) 819-3902 and discuss your options. According to their travel alert, Carnival will be rerouting ships to alternate ports if Cuba was a port of call. Passengers who choose to stay on their original cruise do not need to call and will receive a $100 credit to use onboard. Passengers can cancel their Cuba bookings for a full refund or move to another cruise and get a $50 credit for use onboard.

Carnival Cruise Line

Courtesy of Carnival Cruise Line

Royal Caribbean

According to their website, Royal Caribbean is offering a 50 percent refund to passengers staying on rerouted Cuba cruises in 2019. Passengers may opt to cancel for a full refund as well. All 2020 Cuba cruises will be altered to include alternative ports, and ticketed passengers will be contacted.


Courtesy of Royal Caribbean International

Have your upcoming cruise travel plans been affected by the new policy on Cuba? Tell us how you changed your plans in the comments.