When it comes to the opposite sex, does it really matter what kind of car you drive?

Hey, gearheads! Check out our latest and greatest—the all-new OCN Drives Podcast, where three car-dorks duke it out in what we hope becomes something that doesn't get our media vehicle privileges revoked.

In this episode, the boys convince one of their female coworkers to come onto the show, ask her what role a car plays in dating, and reminisce about the day they got to take a Ferrari GTC4Lusso for a quick spin. They also talk about the new Land Rover Defender and some of the Frankfurt Auto Show's most promising rides.

Have a listen, and let us know what you think by logging in and sharing your thoughts in the comments section below! Want to hear more episodes? Find us on SpotifyRedCircle, and Apple Podcasts. Stay tuned!

And despite what she says on the OCN Drives Podcast, you know she's all about that GTC4Lusso!

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso 1 from PIN Film Studio on Vimeo.