Here Are 3 Great Benefits of RV Life!

Whether they’ve decided to live the permanent RV life or just enjoy extended trips, people across America are packing up and hitting the road in their Class A, B, or C RVs. With all the new health and safety guidelines that have come into play over the past year, it has become a practical way to travel. Families can get out and enjoy state parks, beaches, mountains, and other outdoor activities while staying safe and socially distanced.  

The widespread practice of remote working and virtual education gives more and more people the opportunity to live the RV life. All you need is a good Wi-Fi connection. So, let’s take a look at how embracing the RV life can be a benefit to you and your crew.

Freedom of the Open Road

Embracing the RV life means you have the freedom to travel or live wherever you choose. You can take a road trip to a national park, travel along historic highways, spend a month at the beach, or enjoy the forests and trails of the mountains. Find a spot and live somewhere for a while and move when you feel the urge to explore. It’s a great way to “test out” a location before settling down, or just keep moving and discover new places along the way.

Financial Freedom

An RV is less expensive than having a mortgage. Of course, you'll have to fill it up with fuel, but you won’t have a power bill and some of the other expenses involved with owning a home. This allows you to save money to do things and have experiences like kayaking the New River, hiking the Grand Canyon, swimming with dolphins, or learning how to stoke the perfect campfire. 


Traveling by RV gives you the flexibility to choose your neighbors and locations, or none if you so choose. If the weather (or your neighbor) gets you down, pick up and move on to the next location.

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Do you have an RV? Do you live in it full time or spend weekends away? Tell us in the comments.