Want to see something unique and different? Check out these 7 quirky attractions on your next trip through Colorado!

Everyone has heard of weird roadside attractions. There’s the world’s largest rubber ducky, the Cabazon dinosaurs, a giant Paul Bunyan, and who knows how many others. Luckily for us Colorado residents, there are an abundance of these amazingly unique and quirky roadside stops right here in our fair state. Check out this list for the next quirky Colorado attraction to take visiting family and friends to!

UFO Watchtower

If you’re heading out to the Sand Dunes National Park, be sure to take a detour to this quirky Colorado attraction. Down Highway 17 - affectionately known as the cosmic highway - is the UFO Watchtower. It’s a 10-foot-tall viewing platform and museum cataloguing prior ‘sightings.’ If you’re a space buff or want to try and spot a UFO yourself, this is a definite must-go location. Just make sure not to get abducted! stargazing in colorado

Antique Washing Machine Museum

Just outside Fort Collins, you’ll find another… interesting quirky Colorado attraction. Lee Maxwell is a collector of old mechanics, specifically washing machines. He’s gathered more than 1,000 vintage washing machines and restored many of them to working condition. There are also other old school appliances like refrigerators and vacuum cleaners. You do have to arrange for a tour by phone or email, so be sure to plan ahead if this quirky Colorado attraction seems like your cup of tea. If you’re interested in learning more, we also talked about this museum in another article! Click here to check it out. quirky colorado attraction

Bishop Castle

Southwest of Pueblo is my personal favorite Colorado attraction on this list. Bishop Castle is a one-man project named for its builder, Jim Bishop. It’s been in-progress for more than 40 years and is still an active construction site, so be careful while wandering the grounds! Inside, you’ll find grand ballrooms, towers, bridges, and a fire-breathing dragon sculpture! It’s a ways off the beaten path, but well worth the trip. quirky colorado attraction

Tiny Town & Railroad

In the foothills of Denver hides a kid-sized quirky Colorado attraction that’ll be fun for the whole family. Tiny Town is, well, exactly what it sounds like! It’s a miniature town, built at a 1/16th scale and designed to look like an Old West town. Especially fun is the miniature working train that you and your family can ride around the town! Don’t worry - there’s plenty of space, even though it’s miniature! quirky colorado attraction

Junkrassic Park

If you’re down in the La Junta area, you’ll definitely want to find your way to this quirky Colorado attraction. Wander among the 80 or so sculptures built from recycled farm machinery metals. There are animals, punny famous figures, and an oil tower dubbed the Awful Tier, a spoof on a certain French landmark. This is definitely something you’re not going to find anywhere else in the country, so be sure to stop by! quirky colorado attraction

Colorado Gators Reptile Park

North of Alamosa in what used to be a tilapia fish farm, you’ll find this quirky Colorado attraction. While it did start as a humble fish farm, the park has grown into a sanctuary for alligators, snakes, lizards, and tortoises. They provide education about the animals and focus on maintaining a safe ecosystem for them. They also offer classes on reptile handling and gator wrestling. There’s a photographer as well, to document anything and everything that may happen in these classes. quirky colorado attraction

Largest Fork

In southwest Colorado’s San Juan mountains, you’ll find the small town of Creede which is home to the final quirky Colorado attraction on our list. In the town, you’ll find a giant aluminum fork propped up against the side of a building. It weighs over 600 pounds and is 40 feet long. The fork is an art display that the owners of a restaurant specifically built to beat out the previous largest fork in America, which is located in Missouri. quirky colorado attraction

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