Run the coffee shop on this remote island with your best friend.

Looking for a job opportunity that will take you to fresh and unique places? This one sounds pretty darn perfect for those seeking out a new adventure.

Great Blasket Island, a remote island off the west coast of Ireland, is a tranquil and quiet place with no permanent residents. With unobstructed views and lots of wildlife, it's a hiker’s utopia.  Approximately six kilometers in length, it's a rugged paradise and boasts itself as the ultimate eco-experience. The island has basic utilities and a single wind-powered charging port. The last permanent residents left the island in the early 1950s after the Irish government made the decision they could no longer keep the people there safe.

Great Blasket Island

Courtesy of Great Blasket Island (Facebook)

This tiny island has recently become the subject of a lot of attention due to a job opportunity posted earlier this month. Great Blasket Island is seeking a couple or two friends to travel to the island and run the island's coffee shop and Island Accommodation. This means they will manage the coffee shop and the island’s simple guest cottages, which sleep up to 21 people. This may seem a simple task, however, the coffee shop sees about 400 visitors a day during tourist season.

The position runs from April 1, 2020, through October 2020 and whatever duo is selected will be the only permanent residents of the island. Accommodations and food will be provided. The ad specially asks for two friends or a couple and has had thousands of applications pour since it was first posted. Whoever is selected will need to be able to keep up with the physical demands of the island and the work, which is not easy.

Although it does sound tough, this also sounds like a fantastic opportunity. We, along with the thousands of others who have applied, certainly find something intriguing about spending half a year on the other side of the world living a simple yet rewarding type of life on the picturesque little island.

sunset Great Blasket Island

Sunset over the coffee shop | Courtesy of Great Blasket Island (Facebook)

Does this sound like the kind of job you might want to apply for? Let us know in the comments. Best of luck to everyone who has applied!