This wine company wants to give you $10,000 and a trip to the South of France!

How many times have you poured yourself a luscious glass of wine, brushed up that lip gloss, and snapped a cute selfie to share your evening with the Instagram world? What if that were all you had to do to land a perfect part-time job?

Rosé, anyone?

The French wine company Rosé All Day has just announced a job opening that has many people interested, and for good reason. With the requirements including "must love rosé" and "must love posting selfies and fun content on Instagram," there are sure to be thousands of applicants because this is pretty much every wine lover’s dream job.

The job is to be an official Instagram influencer for the Rosé All Day Brand, the gig pays $10,000 and comes with an all-expenses paid trip to France, complete with lodging in an idyllic chateau. C’est la Vie!

Rose All Day

Image courtesy of Rosé All Day (Facebook).

Not your average interview: instead, this is an Instagram contest with the winner receiving the $10,000, a four-day trip to a chateau in France, and a year-long commitment to the brand. The Influencer Casting Call contest was officially announced on Instagram and the Rosé All Day website with the intent of finding the “perfect influencer who can synergize their already rosé -filled lifestyle to translate to gorgeous content."

Biagio Cru, the parent company of Rosé All Day, makes its soft pink rosé with grapes harvested from the South of France. A light blend with sweet strawberry and watermelon tones, this wine goes well with chicken, fish, salads, and a variety of light summer eats.

To throw your smiling face in the ring and possibly win this opportunity for yourself, there are a few things you need to know to get started. The contest starts on National Rosé Day, June 8, and runs through September 2.

  • Follow @Rose_All_Day on Instagram and continue to follow from the date you post your entry until the contest judgment period is over.
  • Once a follower starts they need to continue to post engaging, vibrant, as they put it “killer # RoséAllDay content” throughout the contest.
  • Tag all that rosé-related content with @Rose_All_Day during the contest.
  • When the contest period is over the judges will choose five finalists, who will each then be asked to create one last captivating image, capturing why they are the perfect Rosé All Day official influencer. The winner will then be selected.
  • You must be 21 and older and live in the continental United States to enter.
  • Contestants cannot be retailers or relate to retailers, nor can they be employees of retailers. Nothing illegal can be portrayed or implied in any entries. 

“Winners will be judged first on the quality of their content and captions, and second on the quantity,” states the website. Judges will include rosé lover and influencer Ali Green (@AliGreen13), who has close to 100K Instagram followers, and other representatives of the Rosé All Day brand.

The company website says specifically they are looking for “beautiful, bright imagery that shows your love of rosé. We want to see you, your friends, your events, your pups, and anything unique to showcase why you’re the perfect #RoséAllDay influencer. The more entries, the more likely you are to win!”

This means drink rosé, look fabulous doing it, and post a lot about it. Live the rosé-all-day lifestyle this summer and look magnificent doing it. Taking a hike to an idyllic mountain lake? Well, pack that rosé along with the granola bars and make some magic happen. Don’t worry, they sell it in the can so it's easily transportable for summer day selfies on the beach, camping trips, concerts, BBQs, and long walks in the park, wherever your rosé adventures take you.

Rose All Day Vineyard, South of France

Rosé All Day Vineyard in the South of France, image courtesy of Rosé All Day (Facebook).

Following @Rose_All_Day on Instagram is a part of the contest and it probably wouldn’t hurt to follow the brand and share your posts on Facebook and Twitter, as well. They also have an email newsletter you can sign up for to stay on top of what is happening with the brand. 

The Rosé All Day team shares content on their official pages as well, so it’s good to get as much exposure as you can. This contest is about creating high-quality content that will sell the brand, and while it is a fantastic opportunity for the winner, it is also a brilliant social media marketing campaign.

Full details on the Rosé All Day website.

Will you be gearing up to live the Rosé All Day lifestyle this summer? Share with us in the comments below, we want to know if our readers make it big as Instagram influencers!