Some of the most amazing Virginia natural wonders are hidden in plain sight. These are some of the most beloved attractions in our state, and they're all easy to access!

Crabtree Falls

[gallery size="large" ids="626,627"] Nearly two miles of cascading water await you Crabtree Falls. It's the longest waterfall system east of the Mississippi, and you can see it from just a few easy steps past the parking lot. The best part about Crabtree falls is that you can admire it from afar, or you can see it up close and personal as you hike along the cascades. No matter which way you choose to see it, you're guaranteed some mind-blowing views!

Natural Bridge

[gallery size="large" ids="628,629"] This completely natural geological formation has fascinated Virginians for generations, all the way back to George Washington himself. Cedar Creek is responsible for this natural arch, which spans 90 feet and is 215 feet high. You can either take an easy walk to the site, or catch a shuttle bus for an even easier day.

Skyline Drive

[gallery size="large" ids="630,631"] Whether you have a few short hours or a full day to spend here, the Skyline Drive near Shenandoah National Park is iconic and worth every second you can spare. There are plenty of stops along the way to get out, stretch your legs and take photos. You don't even have to leave your car to take in the fantastic views, though! Just sit back and enjoy the drive.

Luray Caverns

[gallery size="large" ids="632,633"] One of the most unique Virginia natural wonders has to be Luray Caverns. The extensive cavern system allows visitors to walk at their own pace and admire the fantastic geological features filling the area. The caverns are well-lit and cool, so they're perfect for escaping the sun and heat during summer! As an added bonus, if you have kids who are on summer break, they're sure to love exploring this fantastic underground wonderland!

Natural Chimneys

[gallery size="large" ids="624,625"] These natural formations look like something straight out of a fairytale. The ancient rock towers stand at up to 120 feet tall, and are the result of millions of years of wind and rain erosion. There are picnic and camping areas nearby, as well as hiking trails if you're in the mood to enjoy more of the surrounding area.

Great Falls Park

[gallery size="large" ids="634,635"] Great Falls Park covers nearly 800 acres along the Potomac in northern Virginia. On top of being one of the most beautiful Virginia natural wonders, it's also a national treasure that you absolutely won't want to miss! There are a range of activities to enjoy in the park, from simply admiring the water from an overlook to kayaking through the park to hiking one of the many surrounding trails. It's incredibly accessible, and one of the most picturesque areas in Virginia.

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