Before I moved to Washington, D.C., I didn’t really think about speed cameras on the road too much. Where I’m from (Minnesota), we don’t have them. 

And I mean, I wasn’t like speeding through the streets, but there was a level of comfort knowing that unless a police car was around you weren’t going to get a ticket for going 10 miles over the limit. 

No such luck here in D.C. They will catch you whether they’re physically there or not. There are a couple spots around the D.C. area that are notorious for their speed cameras, and I want to expose them so you know when you should absolutely be abiding by the 30 MPH speed limit, no matter what. 

Most places where speed cameras exist do have signs, but they’re not exactly large or bright. You can easily not notice or not take them seriously, especially when the person in front of you is speeding. But they’re there, and though you may think they didn’t notice, they did, and you’ll get your fine from the D.C. government in the mail -- you can count on that!

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To get a sense of where these cameras are located, check out the speed camera map at the District Department of Transportation website. I also want to mention that the app, Waze, is a really great tool as well, because it often points out when there are speed cameras ahead. 

And just food for thought, the D.C. government rakes in millions of dollars a year from speed cameras. Do you really want to be part of their revenue in this manner?

Do you have any must-know speed cameras around the Washington, D.C., area? Share your knowledge in the comments below!

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