Would you stay in a hotel filled with creepy clowns next to a graveyard? Well, now you can!

Filled with more than 2,000 clown figurines, America’s Scariest Motel greets curious visitors with a bright neon clown sign that just beckons travelers to the scariest night they’ll ever spend (maybe ... they’re apparently happy clowns?).

The Clown Motel, located in the remote desert landscape of Tonopah, Nevada, is not for those with coulrophobia (the fear of clowns). It has been featured on an episode of The Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures. Zak Bagans, who actually has a fear of clowns, and his team spent some time there.

The Clown Motel’s owner, Hame Anand, first fell in love (well, first he ran in fear, but then he came back) with clowns at a circus in his native India. By 2017, he was living in Las Vegas and had acquired more than 200 clown figurines. He was also assisting with the family motel business (in a marketing capacity) while holding down a job of his own at Amazon.

Nearby, the Clown Motel’s owner Bob Perchetti had decided to retire and listed the property for $900,000. Anand’s brother had offered to buy him a hotel. Now, there were a couple of problems with this too-good-to-be-true situation: 1.) Tonopah only has about 2,400 residents and nowhere near the amount of tourism of Las Vegas and 2.) There’s a cemetery right beside this motel.

Anand told Thrillist,

“All my life, I worked in advertising. So, I know that even if you had $10 million, you’re not going to get that kind of publicity. I told my brother, ‘see, this motel is very popular and the graveyard – that’s the catch.’”

After acquiring the 28-room landmark, Anand deemed himself CEO of the Clown Motel. He added his collection of clowns to the nearly 800 already in the motel. This collection covers the motel and consists of life-size clowns, miniature clowns, ceramic clowns … well, you get the picture. After spending some time in the motel, Anand began noticing things like weird noises, opening and closing doors, strange voices, and unusual footsteps.

According to Anand,

“I was scared a little bit. I couldn’t sleep in my room. But one day I thought, ‘why did I come here? There must be some divine power. They want me here to run this motel. So probably, they are not going to mess with me.’”

Guests from all over the world—including Germany, Switzerland, France, and Scotland—have traveled to the Clown Motel for a night of chills. Rooms 108, 109, 210, 215, and 217 have had the most paranormal incidents. Anand has gotten into the spirit of things by creating IT, Halloween, and Friday the 3th, and The Exorcist themed rooms. Want a special view of the graveyard? It's in the works, so keep checking back for that.  

Have you ever visited the Clown Motel? Do you have a fear of clowns or something else? Let us know in the comments.