Look Out, Land Rover.

When you think of Kia, the first words that come to mind are 'practical', 'efficient', or 'reasonably priced' not 'luxurious,' or 'sexy'. Those are usually reserved for the elite European luxury brands we've become accustomed to, but that's all about to change, and fast. How do I know? For starters, I've never wanted a Kia before but after reading about the Stinger, I actually caught myself pricing one out. Then I started looking at the Forte – it just looked like a fun car to drive – and that suspicion has been confirmed. Now I'm just getting into the SUVs and I'm all about the 2020 Kia Telluride – Kia's latest and greatest SUV that made its debut at this year's New York Fashion Week. 

The 2020 Telluride, presumably named after the famed Colorado mountain town, looks to be exactly what I was hoping the name suggests: a real luxury off-roader, as it was sporting an army olive hue, black wheels, off-road lights, a winch, a rear spare tire, a roof rack, and in case there was any confusion, a snorkel. If you don't know what that is, it's an extension of the engine's air intake so that you can drive through mountain streams. 

On the inside, the rig looks a comfortable yet rugged place to be (think Colorado ski lodge) and it appears to feature a nice mix of wood and leather. Put in car terms, the best way I can describe it is a one part BMW X5, one part Kia, and garnish with a touch of Land Rover. In fact, if I were Land Rover, I'd be scared. Very scared.

Kia says they're finishing up the final details on the Telluride and that it'll be ready to hit the streets sometime in 2019. If we had to guess, we'd say they're telling the truth. The brand is committed to the offering, hence, the latest Telluride concept, and other news sources have spied them testing it. Whatever the case may be, if it's anything like most of Kia's latest offerings, it's worth the wait. 

For more information on the Telluride or any other offerings in the Kia lineup, contact or visit Bridgewater Kia in Bridgewater, NJ. 

What are your thoughts? Do you like the Telluride? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below.