The bathroom is a sanctuary.

Soaking in hot aromatic water is a form of self-pampering that dates back as far as ancient Egypt, or 2000 BC, when airy rooms with communal baths and servants kept the upper classes clean and pure. And to bathe indoors was seen as the ultimate display of wealth, meaning that today a lot of us live like the Egyptian elites of old. Okay, so maybe your basement shower isn't an elaborate temple-like bathhouse, and most things we use today would amaze any ancient people. But the point is: the bathroom remains the ultimate way to pamper yourself, which makes me think, what do the ultimate bathrooms look like today?

Affresco Suite in Florence, Italy

bathrooms The hotel Il Salviatino in Florence, Italy, is all about blending beauty and luxury, and that means one epic bathroom. The Affresco Suite features an intricately carved stone tub that's sure to be the only one you'll ever take a dip in.

Viña Vik, Millahue, Chile

bathrooms After spending a day wine-tasting in Chilean wine country, book a room at the Viña Vik, and take a soak in the bathtub. It's made out of carbon-fiber by custom manufacturer Splinter Works, and it's supposed to mimic the shape of a hammock.

Dedon Island, Philippines

bathrooms The mantra here is "barefoot luxury." Blending a variety of indigenous woods and stone, this airy Dedon Island bathroom is definitely one of the best in the Philippines.

Aman, Tokyo

bathrooms The suite bathrooms at the Aman Tokyo are described as the perfect blend of traditional Japanese building materials (i.e., Kakou Gan granite, camphor wood, washi paper, and modern design). Plus, the view doesn't hurt either.

Kingston Treehouse, Kruger National Park, South Africa

bathrooms Imagine stepping out of the shower to behold some of Africa's wildlife. This luxury pavilion is elevated 10 feet off the ground and features stunning panoramic views of Kruger National Park. What are your thoughts, people? Do you have any epic bathrooms you would like to add to the list? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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