Keep your eyes peeled!

Bald eagles are usually hard to spot in the Centennial State. But every winter, bald eagles pass through Colorado, stopping for a short time before moving on to their next destination. This year, it's estimated more than 1,000 bald eagles will be visible throughout the state in late February.

If you want to catch your sights on one of these high-flying birds, keep in mind a few tips for the optimal experience: 

  • Look near water sources. Eagles love water, anything from rivers to reservoirs. They usually find their food here and likely won't stray too far. 
  • Go at dawn or dusk. Eagles will turn in together for the night and don't go far away from each other when sleeping. Dawn and dusk are the best times to find roosting eagles
  • Go on a colder day. Eagles don't like to move around when it's cold, so you're more likely to find them hiding out in trees and perched on branches. 
  • Don't forget binoculars! 

If you're not sure of the best location to spot bald eagles in Colorado, consider checking out one of these top bird-watching places where they might frequent during their stay in the state: 

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