Put the fun back into road trips.

Picture this: You’re driving along a beautiful, scenic road. Your radio is on, and the sun is shining, but the route you’re on takes you through long stretches of winding roads, hills, and mountains.

If you experience motion sickness and this scenario sounds like a special form of torture, these new goggle-like glasses might be for you.

Launched by Citroen, a French auto company, the new Seetroen glasses seek to combat motion sickness — and the dizziness, headaches, and nausea that come with it.

Motion sickness is caused by conflicting perceptions among your inner ear and eyes. To resolve this, the glasses use a technology dubbed “Boarding Ring,” according to CNN.

To put it simply, the glasses have four rings full of blue liquid that move around the eyes. This recreates the horizon and puts your senses back in sync, the outlet also reported. After wearing them for about 10 minutes, your motion sickness should go away.

Courtesy of Citroen


Admittedly, thanks to their oversized round white frames, they aren’t the most stylish glasses you’ll probably be sporting this year. But they have the potential to be extremely helpful for those who struggle on road trips, roller coasters, and more.

The glasses do not have lenses, so it’s possible to wear them over your prescriptions glasses or share them with others. They can be worn by children over 10, as that’s when the inner ear finishes growing, CNN said.

The glasses have been tested with a 95 percent success rate in adults and are now available for 99 € (euro) on Citroen’s website (approximately $116). Though, we can't seem to find an option for ordering them from the U.S. -- So, if you figure it out, please let us know!

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