The scenic road leads to a historic trail, which leads to beautiful waterfall.

When it comes to Virginia, no one can deny its unmatched natural beauty and rich history. Blue Ridge Parkway is one such place that's perfect for exploring due to its own stories and beauty. 

Around Mile Marker 34.4 on the Blue Ridge Parkway, you'll come across a parking area for the Yankee Horse Ridge Trailhead. After you park, take the rock steps up to the train tracks, and turn right. Now you're on the picturesque Yankee Horse Ridge Trail.

In early 1900, before the parkway existed, land in the area was being cleared of trees. So the South River Lumber Company constructed a 50-mile-long narrow gauge railroad to help carry the logs away. Surviving remnants of that railroad make a fascinating historical exhibit along the trail.

But the trail itself has a story of its own, deriving its name from a legend that says that, during the Civil War, a Union man's horse fell here and got injured; the soldier ended up having to put the horse down. 

Yankee Trail

Courtesy of Blue Ridge Gazette

The trail is wooded and shady, making it perfect for a spring or summer hike. Along the tracks, there are many relics on display. You can see reconstructed rail cars and a railroad weighing scale. But you can't stay on the tracks in order to see the big payoff you're hoping for! Watch for a well-worn path on the left and then take a two-minute walk, where you will end up at a waterfall almost 500 feet up the trail.


Beautiful Wigwam Falls, Courtesy of Southeast Waterfall & Hiking Guide

Wigwam Falls is a 30-foot-tall cascade along the rocky slopes. If you visit during the rainy season, or right after the snow starts melting, you will hear the beautiful gushes of water flowing down. 

Wigwam waterfall

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The Yankee Horse Ridge Trail is only .2 miles and is located at Yankee Horse Ridge, South River, VA 24483.

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