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Another Colorado winter is here, and we have some tips to help make this winter season a safer, more enjoyable experience.

Whenever you drive in winter, you should be prepared for the four S’s: STARTING, SEEING, SNOWING and SAFETY.


winter driving in Colorado Before you can even worry about winter driving in Colorado, you have to start your car. The number one issue for not being able to start your car in winter is a bad battery.  Over time your vehicle’s battery will slowly weaken, but extreme weather will dramatically accelerate this process.   Normally, you’ll notice a weaker battery because your vehicle will be harder to start in cold weather.  This should be your wake-up call that it is time to replace your battery RIGHT NOW, or get your battery checked at our service center.  It’s a quick way to check and really know if your battery is OK. Yes, your current battery may last a little longer and it will take a little time and expense to replace it, but isn’t that a better option than missing a day of work or getting stranded in a blizzard? Prevention is almost always the better option!


winter driving in Colorado With winter comes snow, slush and a dirty windshield.  Be prepared for winter driving in Colorado by checking your windshield washer fluid level frequently.  More importantly, check your windshield wipers.  The snow, ice and cold are hard on your wipers. You don’t want for them to fail you when you really need them most!  It’s a great idea to replace your wiper blades now to be prepared for winter.  The ability to see is critically important to your driving safety.


winter driving in Colorado Along with colder temperatures, you can bet that there will be snow and ice on the roads making slippery driving conditions.  The reality is that you only have four small contact points where your tires actually touch the road.  Take a close look at all four of your tires to make sure that each of them has a safe level of tread.  If not, your safety is at risk. It may be time to replace your worn tires! With good tires comes the ability to stop in time.  Many vehicles with 4WD or AWD will readily gather speed on snow and ice, but the challenge can become stopping on time to avoid a collision.  Your AWD or 4WD won’t help you there.  For your sake and the sake of the other people on the road, slow it down so you can actually stop on time. Another big factor in being able to stop on time is making sure your brake pads are in tip-top shape. Its highly suggested you get your brake pads checked regularly, and if you're in the market for some new ones, get yourself a lifetime break pad guarantee to make sure you're always set! For winter driving in Colorado, good tires will have a good tread pattern and good siping (the slits in the tread pattern on the outside edges of the tire) for better traction.   


winter driving in Colorado It’s important to be prepared for winter driving in Colorado. According to Murphy’s Law, things always happen at the worst possible moment. Put together a kit for “just in case”.  Your kit should include jumper cables, a flashlight with fresh batteries, warm blankets, an extra jacket, gloves and a hat, bottled water, snack bars, your cell phone and a car charger, tire chains and a small tool kit. Enjoy our Colorado winter by being prepared.  Safe Driving!

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