Uber throws animal lovers a bone with a new pet-friendly feature that allows pets to ride alongside their owners.

As you leave the house every morning, does it cripple your heart to see Fido standing at the door, hopelessly awaiting your return? Well, ache no more because Uber is launching "Uber Pet" in select cities—and Denver is one of the lucky few!

Starting October 16, pet owners will be able to bring their furry friends along for the journey in seven select cities. These cities include Denver, Austin, Nashville, Minneapolis-St.Paul, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Tampa Bay. So, instead of leaving Fido at home, he can now ride shotgun as the two of you hit the town.

Uber’s Pet Policy

Prior to October 16, Uber required all pet owners to call a driver ahead of time and ask if they could bring their pet along for the ride. However, this policy ultimately defeated the whole purpose of Uber. It no longer made the service a quick push-of-a-button, and at the end of the day, most drivers were canceling rides when they found out passengers had a furry, four-legged plus-one. How ruff is that?

So, after listening to customer feedback, Uber decided to throw pet owners a bone. Riders will be able to choose the new feature from the ride selection screen, just like how you would pick an UberX or Uber Pool. Uber will then match riders with a pet-friendly Uber driver for a small fee of $3 to $5. Uber drivers will be guaranteed a significant portion of this surcharge on top of their regular trip earnings, which will incentivize more drivers to allow pets in their car. With more drivers, there will be more options for you to ride with your best friend.

Keep in mind that service animals are exempt from Uber’s pet policy. Passengers with service animals are not required to use the Uber Pet feature, in accordance with state and local laws. Service pets are allowed to ride any Uber car option anytime they want, at no extra cost.

So, be sure to check out Uber Pets on October 16 and share your experiences with us! We would love to see pictures of Fido sticking his head out of an Uber car.