Part back-road country drive, part farmer's market outing, a trip to Gilbert's Corner Market is the perfect way to spend a few hours.

Looking for something to do that doesn't require a whole lot of effort? Get up a little early and head out to Gilbert's Corner Market in Aldie. You'll find a wide range of locally-sourced food, produce, and even some handmade crafts. The best part is how close it is and yet how far from the city it feels.

Gilbert's Corner Market

Courtesy of Gilbert's Corner Market on Facebook

Vendors set up Saturdays and Sundays, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The folks from Wegmeyer Farms get there early at 9 a.m. with their fresh berries and doughnuts, so head there first.

Getting There

Gilbert's Corner Market is actually a gravel lot surrounding an old market at the corner of US-50 and U.S. Route 15 in Dulles, Virginia.

While you can take I-66 to get there, it's much prettier if you take the back roads like Route 15 all the way up. Personally, I'd avoid taking US-50 because of all the traffic lights closer to Fairfax. Put together a good playlist and roll down the windows!

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Things to Do

Half the fun of going to Gilbert's Corner is getting there. Once you arrive, you'll see vendors set up with tents and food trucks on one side. Park and simply start browsing. If you have an SUV or a truck, clean out the back and spread out a picnic blanket so you can meet back up with your goodies and have an impromptu picnic. Make sure you try the amazing ice cream from Moo Thru!

Know Before You Go

  • This is simply an outdoor gravel lot for vendors to set up. No bathrooms, so plan accordingly.
  • It gets pretty crowded around lunchtime and later in the day. Get there on the early side if you can.
  • Even though it's an outdoor market, most of the vendors will be wearing masks. Bring face coverings for everyone in your group and practice social distancing in line.
  • Dogs are welcome but must be leashed. There is a large grassy area for them to walk on.

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*The photos in this article are by Sarina Petrocelly unless indicated otherwise.

For more information, or to check on the vendors who will be there on any given weekend, check out the Gilbert's Corner Market Facebook page.

Have you ever been to Gilbert's Corner Market? Who are some of your favorite vendors? Let us know in the comments!