wants to help hotels and tourists go intergalactic. is looking to the future for vacation destinations, and their latest idea is out of this world, literally. The travel booking website is aiming to help give adventurers a brand-new destination, one not on this earth.

The year 2020 is a certified dumpster fire. And that’s why aims to be the first online travel site to offer future hotel bookings in space and reward earthlings with the ultimate out-of-this-world travel escape.”

The company has created a website with concepts of a proposed space hotel. The renditions of a zero-gravity getaway are fantastical and create a picture of a picturesque getaway gazing on celestial beings. The ideas include special clothing—space suit-themed robe and slippers, a space deck pool, and a mini-bar!

space robe and moon boots

Space snack bar

A fun part of this whole idea is the GTFO Earth contest that is running for people who have the name of a planet in their legal first, middle, or last name. (Apologies to anyone named Pluto—this contest is only open to the eight officially recognized planets.) Those who have the legal documentation to back it up can enter to win one of $250 gift cards to Entries are being taken through Tuesday, September 22.

While the whole idea is just a concept for now, it sounds like is serious about getting in on the space travel game. They want to work with companies that plan to build hotels in space because, as they say themselves, “it’s only a matter of time before a giant meteor makes its way to us…”

Would you want to take a vacation to an intergalactic location? Do you think this is something we will see in our lifetime? Sound off in the comments!

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