This tiny, picturesque Irish island is asking for Americans to move there.

Sustained for generations on traditional industries like fishing and farming, the island of Arranmore (Árainn Mhór in Gaelic) has seen its population dwindle in recent years. Young people have been leaving in pursuit of more modern, technology-driven occupations.

Now, with just 469 residents left, the island is hoping to draw new life by recruiting Americans and Australians to move there in an open letter.


This island community offers gorgeous views of the Atlantic, clean and open beaches, freshwater lakes, high cliffs, and the distinction of being Ireland’s first offshore digital hub. With recent improvements such as high-speed internet and a digital co-working space, the island is quite connected and open for business, and as the letter says, “As good as any office in America”, just add breathtaking views and a quaint Irish village.

The island itself is three miles off the coast of County Donegal, and a daily ferry runs in and out of the nearby town of Burtonport, which has an airport and is a mere 45-minute flight from Dublin. It's roughly three miles by five miles, about twice the size of Key West.

Arranmore has three schools, a community center, a soccer club, and a health center, among other organizations, as well as a variety of housing options. With secluded beaches, lots of room for watersports, plenty of fresh seafood, Irish whiskey, and Guinness on tap, this is one intriguing offer.

Here's the full letter:

open letter

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The open call for residents is not a guarantee that you will be chosen. Anyone interested must meet the visa requirements, and on an island of only 469 people, only 22 percent of which are employed, one is going to need to get creative for job options. 

Arranmore is hoping to draw remote workers and is working with Grow Remote to connect potential residents with remote job options. As the letter mentions, there are talented people already on the island ready to collaborate. One more thing; English is spoken everywhere on the island. 

And honestly, if there's a downside to this, we're having a hard time finding it.

CFFAM Árainn Mhór

Courtesy of CFFAM Árainn Mhór (Facebook)

The interest in moving to Arranmore has skyrocketed since the open letters came out, so much so that the island is having to update their website and server systems to handle all the extra traffic. They have posted a FAQ on the website along with a message informing those who have expressed interested that they are working on things. The offer is still open and those interested can email, and your query will be logged and you will be contacted soon.  

We are quite tempted to draft our own email to get on the list of potential new residents. Life on a little island working the freelance lifestyle, with gorgeous ocean views just outside the front door? Yes, please. This is also a really great opportunity for those looking to retire abroad or someone who just wants a fresh start in a new place.

Check out the island's website and Facebook page for more information.

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