Too much time in traffic takes its toll.

The Greek philosopher, Theophrastus, had it right when he said, “Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.” Coloradans on the road these days know exactly what he meant. While E-470 can seem expensive, it can save you valuable time and provide a luxurious and uncongested stretch of highway to travel on. With Colorado's development booming, roads congested like never before, and the chance of snowy roads right around the corner, you might want to experience:

  • 75 mph speed limit
  • Marvelously plowed and salted highway in the winter when I-25 and I-70 are at icy standstills
  • Some of the best-maintained roadways in Colorado
  • Free roadside assistance

Haven’t used the toll road much? Seeing that E-470 isn't scheduled to be paid off until 2041—that's another 21 years—here are some things to know about the toll road.


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The cost of using E-470 varies depending on where you get on and what plaza toll booths you drive through. If you're going to use the toll road, even occasionally, we recommend the following: 

  • Buy an Express Toll pass sticker transponder—huge savings!
    • Taking the full E-470 toll road one way (C470-I-25 interchange to NWP/1-25 interchange) costs a non-Express Toll customer $22.55, whereas it is only $14.25 for Express Toll customers.
    • To set up an E-470 Express toll account and get your transponder sticker, go to their site at
  • The E-470 Toll transponder can also be used for the express lanes going to the mountains or the Northwest Parkway heading up to Broomfield and Boulder.
  •  Use the toll calculator, available on the E-470 website, before you go if you don't know how much it will cost.

Roadside Assistance

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Have a flat tire? Run out of gas? Run out of windshield wiper fluid? Need your battery jumped or a cell phone to use? What a lot of people don’t know is that E-470 roadside assistance is provided at no charge! To contact E-470 roadside assistance, just call (303)-537-3400, option 1. E-470 traffic management employees routinely scan the cameras for distressed vehicles. They can also call the fire or police department if you are in need of emergency help.


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There’s a reason E-470 is the best drive during winter months. There are 12 pavement sensors along E-470 that determine ice formation and road grip and proactively help decide when road crews start applying magnesium chloride or salt. E-470 boasts "4 maintenance facilities, 22 snowplows on duty 24/7, surveillance and roadside assistance, 280,000 stored gallons of magnesium chloride and 7,000 tons of stored salt."

E-470 Signs

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The big neon E-470 signs on the toll road inform you of any traffic, emergency, air, or amber alerts, as well as provide uplifting and driving advise messages.  

What do you like or dislike about the E-470 toll road? Let us know in comments.