Nothing says the holiday season quite like a cheesy, overly dramatic Hallmark Christmas movie.

All right, I'm gonna be honest and get something off my chest ... I don't like the Hallmark Christmas movies—like, at all. I think they're cheesy, predictable, over-the-top, and completely lame. There, I said it.

But, unfortunately, because a majority of my family absolutely loves watching them every year, I somehow get looped into watching them, too. So, I figured why not make it a little bit more interesting and less painful this year? Allow me to introduce the 2020 Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game, created by yours truly.

Not only will this drinking game help you get through the marathon that is bound to take place—because you can't just watch one Hallmark Christmas movie, or so I've been told—but it may even help you forget that you watched them in the first place! Win-win!

So, you're gonna want to have this drinking game saved in your bookmarks. You know, for easy access.

*Disclaimer: Please drink responsibly. We do not recommend or condone any misuse of alcohol—including excessive consumption, drinking and driving, binge-drinking, and/or underage drinking. It is the players' responsibility to monitor and moderate their alcohol consumption. Always have a designated BB (booze buddy) with you at all times.*

Take 1 Sip ...

  • If the script bends over backwards to explain background details about the characters
  • The word "Falls" appears somewhere in the town's name
  • For every cynic that eventually realizes the true meaning of Christmas
  • For every character whose name is related to Christmas (Nick, Chris, Holly, Eve, etc.)
  • If there's mistletoe, a snowman, or a snowglobe involved in any scene
  • For every obstacle that stops the main character from getting home for Christmas
  • Whenever there's a "near-miss" kiss
  • Any time someone mentions a dead relative
  • If the cute kid in the movie is a niece or nephew
  • When an old photograph catches someone's eye

Take 2 Sips ...

  • If it starts snowing on Christmas
  • Whenever someone looks wistfully at Christmas decorations
  • If there's a gazebo or ice skating rink involved in any scene
  • If any of the characters get snowed in
  • When you spot winter-clad background characters standing on the street, drinking hot cocoa, and talking cheerfully
  • For every piece of very obvious product placement
  • Whenever you hear "Jingle Bells"
  • For every character that is descended from royalty
  • If there's a competition of some kind (baking, ice-sculpting, singing, etc.)

Finish Your Drink ...

  • If the main character loses the contest mentioned above
  • If the main character wins the contest mentioned above
  • If there's a montage of Christmas-related activities (snowball fight, cookie-baking, etc.)
  • If a deal is made with a magical being (whether it be with Santa or an angel)
  • When the romantic leads kiss
  • If the movie stars Candace Cameron Buré, Danica McKellar, or Lacey Chabert

So, how do you feel after all that? Well, you better pull yourself together, and fast, because another Hallmark Christmas movie is about to start in two minutes ...