The rose ceremony’s CANCELED, and tensions are rising in the bachelor pad. (Warning: spoilers ahead!)

After lasts week’s most dramatic ending, we were so ready to see what was going to happen this week! The opening scene showed bachelors from the last group date sitting around griping about how no one got a rose. Clare seemed to be super-wrapped-up in Dale and not too into getting to know the other guys.


Next, we cut to Clare writing in her diary and talking about how amazing her connection to Dale has been. Chris Harrison enters Clare’s suite unexpectedly and has a heart-to-heart with her about how the other bachelors are feeling. He asks her to be honest, and Clare admits that she’s head-over-heels for Dale. He also asked if they talked before the show, and she swore on her father’s grave they never did. At the end of the tearful conversation, Clare and Chris come to an agreement that it’s best for her to leave the show with Dale and pursue their relationship further.

Meanwhile, all the bachelors are back in the common area discussing how to confront Clare at the evening cocktail about their feelings while Dale sits silently observing the conversations. Chris makes a surprise visit to let them know there won’t be a cocktail party or a rose ceremony. After the chat, he pulls Dale outside to inform him that she’ll be spending time with him alone.


At the evening dinner date, Clare confesses her love to Dale and finds out the feelings are mutual! They slow-dance while serenaded by a live band playing romantic songs. They even spend the night in the suite together!

Back at the bachelor pad, the boys notice Dale hasn’t returned since he disappeared the day before. Clare pays them a visit and is honest with them that she's found love with Dale and wants to pursue that with him. She ends in a tearful exit. While some wish her the best of luck, other bachelors feel that she owed them an apology. Fast-forward several minutes later ... Clare hands out the FINAL rose to Dale and they’re engaged!


Back at the bachelor pad, we observe some sad bachelors packing their bags in defeat. As they are picking up the broken pieces of their heart, Chris apologizes to the guys but offers some much needed good news—their journey isn’t over! But, as always, there’s a catch, and the boys have to decide by that evening if they will stay or go. Some of the boys are having a hard time getting over the fact Clare is engaged while other bachelors are excited to find out who the new Bachelorette is!

With 16 bachelors left heading into the cocktail party (all of them stayed), Chris makes the big announcement that the new bachelorette is on her way over. Out of the limo comes (drum roll, please) ... Tayshia Adams! But, of course, the directors end the scene with her opening up the door to the cocktail party with the words "to be continued" overlaid on a black screen.


We’re sure that Tayshia wowed the bachelors in that stunning evening gown, but well have to wait until next week to see their true reactions. Previews of future episodes show Clare and Dale on the hot seat during the “tell-all.”

Each week keeps us on the edge of our couch wanting to come back for more! What do you think of the new bachelorette? Do you think we’ll see some other surprise bachelors added to the mix next week? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!