"Dancing With the Stars" waltzed into its premiere with a history-making event!

At 18 years old, JoJo Siwa has many accomplishments under her belt so far in her young career: well-known YouTube personality, pop star, a contestant on The Masked Singer, Dance Moms contender, and now participant dancer on the hit ABC series Dancing With the Stars

Not only did she make her dancing debut last night for the show's 30th season, but she also made history as part of the first same-sex couple dancers. For Monday's final performance, Siwa and partner, Jenna Johnson, impressed the show's judges with their quickstep, locking in 29 points out of 40 in spite of sparse mistakes.

Dancing With the Stars returned on September 20 for Season 30. The show features stars from movies, TV shows, YouTube, and other popular media pairings with dancers. Together, they compete in different dance routines every week to impress a panel of judges and host Tyra Banks. This season has a cast including the likes of the Spice Girls Melanie C, WWE Superstar Mike Mizanin, Olympic gymnast Suni Lee, and NBA player Iman Shumpert. Some of the dancers during this season include Sasha Farber, Valentin Chmerkovsky, and Cheryl Burke. 

Siwa and partner Johnson performed a quickstep during their dance this past Monday. One of the judges, Bruno Tonioli, commented on their performance, saying that he felt "so high" after it.

Siwa also had positive words on her performance, saying, "I actually didn't want the audience to say anything. I wanted the audience to smile ... And I wanted the audience to just be like, 'Huh, wow, two girls dancing together, that's cool.'"

After coming out as gay this past year, Siwa has been a champion for bringing awareness to the LGBTQ community. Joining the cast of Dancing With the Stars and participating as the first same-sex couple seems to mirror that notion. Her comments about bringing visibility and awareness to the community through the show at the Television Critics Association this past August speaks to it as well.

Commenting on the matter, Siwa said, "I think it breaks a wall that's never been broken down before ... And it's normal for a girl to dance with a guy, and I think that that's really cool, but I think that it's really special that not only now, do I get to share with the world you get to love who you want to love, but also, you get to dance with who you want to dance with."

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