Despite a rocky start, Disney Plus is turning out to be a huge hit across all generations.

Early indications were that people were annoyed by long delays and log-in glitches when the Disney+ streaming service made its debut. That was quickly replaced by euphoria, though, when the full lineup was finally accessible and people realized just how much bingeing they had on the horizon.

Countless shows and movies you didn't even know you missed are all up for grabs.

Some parents are using the streaming service to expose their kids to their favorite classics...

... while others are keeping the remote all to themselves.

All in all, most of the subscribers are overjoyed to find their old favorites.

The residual effects of this much old content coming out at once remains to be seen. Personally, I'm anticipating a huge run on sugary cereals and adult-sized onesies. We'll stay on top of these important developments for you.

The Disney Plus streaming service is available for $12.99 per month and is pretty much guaranteed to keep everyone in the family happy.

In the end, nostalgia seems to be the keyword of the day. It's nice to see we can all agree that sometimes newer isn't always better when it comes to Saturday mornings.

What do you think of Disney+? Have you tried it out yet? What's your favorite find so far? Let us know in the comments!