The new show is now streaming for free on Apple TV+.

Fraggle Rock was one of those shows kids of the '80s loved. But that love doesn't have to stay in the past, because the beloved classic is back and better than ever!

Apple is bringing Fraggle Rock: Rock On! to our television screens in a new series. The new episodes are produced by the Jim Henson Company and run three to five minutes long, with classic characters making appearances, along with some major talent like Neil Patrick Harris, Ziggy Marley, Tiffany Haddish, Jason Mraz, and more.

The show is available for free on the Apple TV+ app, no subscription required, and will see the characters will explore life in quarantine together via Zoom-esque video chats. New episodes will stream for free every Tuesday.

Each episode was shot using an iPhone 11s, in the homes of the puppeteers. The team records each induvial part and then edits them together to make the episode. 

Puppeteer and executive producer John Tartaglia took the puppets home with him when the coronavirus pandemic shut down the Jim Henson Company offices, not wanting to leave them locked up in an office. Tartaglia, the human talent that brings Gobo to life, told the Daily News that they wanted to share messages families can relate to. 

"We didn’t want to reinvent too much. We obviously wanted to make them relevant for what the world is right now, but it’s really a chance to check back in with the Fraggles and see what they’re up to, and see that they’re going through a similar situation that we’re all going through, which is that they’re on their own in their caves. That was really the goal, to present a positive example how, even though we’re physically separated, we can still be connected."

The Fraggles remind us how awesome it is to have fun and connect with people, and we are loving this new show.

Have you watched Fraggle Rock: Rock On! yet? Will you introduce your kiddos to the magic? Share your favorite Fraggles moment with us in the comments below, and "dance your cares away!"