Snape, Snape, Severus Snape!

Watch out Potter, there's a new celebrity making his name in the Rumours! wizarding newspapers. Straight out of potions class, the infamous Severus Snape may be making his return, and this time, people are going to take him seriously.

According to the online site, We Got This Covered, reliable sources have revealed that HBO Max is developing a prequel series based on the life of Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher and Potions Master Severus Snape. Although no other information about the series was revealed, fans can expect it to be extremely entertaining. Snape has been a cult favorite with fans from all Hogwarts Houses and the character's mysterious background has had people talking for years.

As the only child of muggle Tobias Snape and witch Eileen Snape, Severus grew up in a muggle home very close to the home of Harry's mother, Lily. Severus met Lily at the age of nine and fell madly in love with her. However, when the children started school at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Snape was sorted into the Slytherin House and became the target of ridicule for Harry's father, James Potter, and his best friend, Sirius Black.

Snape joined the Death Eaters with some of his fellow Slytherin classmates but switched sides shortly before Voldemort killed Lily and James. He became a member of the Order of the Phoenix and a double agent during the Second Wizarding War, ultimately protecting Lily's son, Harry.

Now, Snape's television series is not the only Harry Potter series rumored to be in the works. Warner Bros. is allegedly creating a new live-action Harry Potter series and rumors have sparked that the production company will also create a Hermione series, potentially bringing back Emma Watson. Back in 2019, it was rumored that a new Harry Potter movie with the original cast was in the works, but it has since been debunked.

So, how excited are you? Let us know how you feel about the Snape prequel series in the comments.

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