I am not ready to watch this coming week's episode. Just tear my heart out now. 

We waited an agonizing two years (still bitter) for the premiere, and it was well worth it! I've decided to focus on two episodes at a time so we can discuss all the drama, production choices, acting, and well, the fight over the Iron Throne. Over the course of the two most recent episodes, I have changed my mind on who deserves to be the rightful king or queen of the Seven Kingdoms. (Sorry Dany, but you're too dangerous!) 

**Warning** Spoilers Ahead!

A lot has happened in the first two episodes, with Episode One setting up the show for its final season (*sobs*). We had so many questions, especially after they ended Season 7 with the Jon Snow identity crisis situation and the discovery that he's having sexual relations with his aunt (*gags slightly*). To be fair, incest is a normal thing for the Targareyns, so it would not be abnormal if they got hitched; besides, we are all kind of rooting for them anyway, right? Anyway, let's get right into it! 

Episode One: "Winterfell"

The first episode was slow and lacked the action that we were looking for, but it was a nice sentiment, especially since the White Walkers may wipe out all our favorites. We have to savor the memory of our favorite characters as they may not be here much longer. I enjoyed and appreciated all the humor, which set us up to prepare for the worst. 

Many fans were angered by the dragon scene where Jon Snow hitched his first ride, but I thought the scene was well done, beautifully shot, and a nice tribute to what we had all been waiting for. I liked seeing him struggle to hang on! I can, however, see how it was a letdown for other fans because they were hoping for something more -- they wanted more action, a longer ride, and possibly to see him excel at it (he is Jon Snow, after all).  

Jon riding dragon

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Oh, and what is up with Sansa treating Dany that way? Is it because she's an outsider and she's risking Sansa's place as queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Is it because Jon is influenced by Dany, so he's not really listening to his sister anymore? I had an inkling that they were going to throw down in the next episode. 

My favorite aspect of the first episode was all the reunions between the characters because they were everything we needed and more to make up for the two-year-long wait! All of them were well-justified and heartwarmingly tear-jerking. Well, except for Theon and Yara Greyjoy -- he totally deserved that! 

Courtesy of Game of Thrones

The last thing (for this episode) that I will touch on is Bran's stare -- specifically the stare at Jaime as the latter arrived in Winterfell. Knowing the history between them, going all the way back to the show's very first episode, Bran's soul-piercing stare was the highlight and had me laughing for days!

Episode Two: "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms"

A lot happened in this episode -- from Arya and Gendry finally becoming a couple (sort of) to Brienne of Tarth becoming a knight. Let's have a moment of silence for Sir Brienne of Tarth, Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, finally getting what she deserved! 

Jaime knighting Brienne

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My favorite aspect of this episode was Tormund's antics; he is a brilliantly creepy character. The laughs began with him asking, "Is the big woman still here?" He does not know how to be normal! Oh, Tormund, never change. 

Although we did not get a throwdown, I felt that the conversation between Dany and Sansa was well-organized. It showed us how strong of an actress Sophie Turner is and how much her character has developed. Dany is only concerned about becoming the queen and nothing else; this was apparent again when Jon Snow revealed his true identity, and she was more concerned about the throne than the fact that she has been boinking her nephew. 

The writing for the episode cannot be praised enough. Hands down, it was the best episode of the series so far (IMO). There was plenty of action (Arya being a bad***), lots of sentimental moments, the appropriate amount of terror, and well-placed humor throughout. 

So far, both episodes have taken me for a whirlwind, and I cannot wait to see what else is in store -- Wait, I take that back, I'm not ready!! The next episode, which airs on Sunday, April 28, is supposed to be the big battle against the White Walkers, and we're bound to lose a lot of beloved friends in the process.

What were your favorite moments from the first two episodes? Do you like how Season 8 is turning out? Tell us in the comments.