Agree to disagree?

A study conducted by identified which TV show people in each state think is overrated—and let me just say: we are appalled.

For instance, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, and Louisiana all believe that The Office is overrated. How dare you?

mindy kaling

Meanwhile, The Simpsons—a three-decades-long animated commentary on American society—is believed to be overrated in seven states: Idaho, Utah, North Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and West Virginia.

homer simpson

Where does the madness end? Well, apparently not in Washington, South Dakota, Indiana, or Georgia, who aren't enamored with the cultural staple that is Friends.

phoebe on friends

Parks and Recreation was thought to be overrated amongst eight states—Oregon, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Ohio, and Rhode Island—thus making it the most overrated show.

parks and recreation

Rick and Morty followed closely behind (no argument from me) with seven states (Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Arizona, Arkansas, Maine, and Massachusetts) but also 58 percent of the popular vote!

Here's the full list of which TV show is considered the most overrated in each state:

Alabama: The Walking Dead
Alaska: The Walking Dead
Arizona: Rick and Morty
Arkansas: Rick and Morty
California: The Walking Dead
Colorado: Parks and Recreation
Connecticut: The Walking Dead
Delaware: Big Bang Theory
District of Columbia: Game of Thrones
Florida: Game of Thrones
Georgia: Friends
Hawaii: The Walking Dead
Idaho: The Simpsons
Illinois: The Walking Dead
Indiana: Friends
Iowa: Big Bang Theory
Kansas: Parks and Recreation
Kentucky: Game of Thrones
Louisiana: The Office
Maine: Rick and Morty
Maryland: Big Bang Theory
Massachusetts: Rick and Morty
Michigan: The Office
Minnesota: Parks and Recreation
Mississippi: The Simpsons
Missouri: Parks and Recreation
Montana: Rick and Morty
Nebraska: The Simpsons
Nevada: Rick and Morty

New Hampshire: Big Bang Theory
New Jersey: Big Bang Theory
New Mexico: Parks and Recreation
New York: Game of Thrones
North Carolina: Game of Thrones
North Dakota: The Simpsons
Ohio: Parks and Recreation
Oklahoma: The Simpsons
Oregon: Parks and Recreation
Pennsylvania: The Office
Rhode Island: Parks and Recreation
South Carolina: Breaking Bad
South Dakota: Friends
Tennessee: Game of Thrones
Texas: The Walking Dead
Utah: The Simpsons
Vermont: Big Bang Theory
Virginia: The Office
Washington: Friends
West Virginia: The Simpsons
Wisconsin: Big Bang Theory
Wyoming: Rick and Morty

Do you agree with your state's assessment of TV shows? Which show is the most overrated, in your opinion? Tell us in the comments!