Part thriller, part mystery. This ensemble show is an escapist series that will suck you in.

Set in a remote retreat known as "Tranquillum House," it opens with the arrival of the show's namesake guests. One by one, their backstories are revealed as episodes unfold every Wednesday. If you're looking for something to binge, Nine Perfect Strangers will definitely deliver.

Nicole Kidman brings a luminous presence to an otherwise down-to-earth cast. Her enigmatic character, Masha, runs Tranquillum House with an iron fist ... and a hefty medicine cabinet. I'm not giving anything away; the trailers and intro are all full of drug references, but the mystery is how they're used and what effects they'll have on the resort's visitors.

The series deals with adult themes like addiction, loss of a loved one, and marital strife, so you probably want to keep the younger kids away. Beyond the beauty of the scenery, this show features incredible acting from its stars, including Melissa McCarthy, Regina Hall, and a host of others. As the story progresses, each episode will leave you wanting more.

The haunting soundtrack perfectly sets up each major plot point. If you're looking for a new download for your morning routine, this could be it.

Nine Perfect Strangers is currently available to stream on Hulu. New episodes come out each Wednesday, with the season finale airing on September 22.

Are you watching Nine Perfect Strangers right now? Who is your favorite character? Who do you love to hate? Sound off in the comments!

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