And she's back to spark joy in your life!

The tidying gods have heard your prayers. If the eight episodes of Marie Kondo's 2019 Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, or her nine books aren't enough to satiate your need for KonMari in your life, the world's favorite clean queen is back with a new Netflix show, Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo

The three-part miniseries, which premieres on August 31, looks to be more Queer Eye than Hoarders. It sees Kondo taking her "Does it spark joy?" philosophy from the home to life at large, helping three small business owners with their work-life balance.

"I want to help people find joy not just by tidying their homes, but in every area of their lives," she narrates in the new Netflix trailer. On her website, KonMari, she explains that in the "new, transformational" show, she "applies the fundamentals of the KonMari Method™ to businesses, relationships and communities." 

We're super excited to see this new feel-good show, and we're not the only ones!

Will you be watching? We'd love all your Marie Kondo thoughts—drop 'em in the comments!