The hit Netflix show is putting on a weekly challenge for fans, and the first week's theme was "Tiger King".

Nailed It!, the reality baking challenge show on Netflix, is keeping us entertained while we're all stuck in quarantine, both on and off the screen. The series has started putting on a weekly Instagram challenge that asks viewers to post their creations of a certain theme online.

The #NailedItChallenge started out with making a Tiger King-themed dessert, because why not? The rules did not state that concoctions had to be totally edible and people got pretty darn creative, with some not using any food items at all. The winners each week will be picked to be featured in the show's Instagram Stories, but plenty of home bakers and makers have shared their final products online, and the results were pretty wild.

Check these top contenders for yourself:

Week two's challenge is to recreate a mind-blown emoji using whatever material you have, edible or not:

Share with us the best one of these #NailedItChallenge posts you have seen. Have you tried it yourself? We want to hear all about it and see your pictures in the comments.