Part 2 wasn't long enough ... I demand more!

Since I grew up with Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, I was ecstatic at the idea of a reboot to the original '90s sitcom from Netflix. And lately, Netflix's original series have been fire, so naturally, I expected this one to be good. Boy, was I right! The first season threw me for a loop, and I was obsessed after just 30 minutes of watching. I ended up sitting on the couch most of the day on Saturday because I got caught up in a marathon. 

When Part 2 finally showed up on Netflix, I stopped what I was doing and clicked play (I did my waiting ... 12 years of it in Azakan *cough* I meant on the couch). I finally get to know what happens to Sabrina and Harvey (team Habrina), how Ambrose is living his free life, and well, how everyone else was doing. If you are with me, stop what you are doing and go watch Part 2!

Here's the trailer: 

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**Warning** Spoilers Ahead

What I didn't like

All the incest ... too much of it, to be honest. This isn't House Lannister; it's the Spellman Clan and other witches and wizards. Of all the shows, I did not expect incest to be included. Then again, this isn't the same Sabrina we all know and love ... she's a much darker and stronger character who deals with turmoils the original Sabrina Spellman would not face -- for instance, hailing Satan. Anything can happen in this darker rendition of the 1990s TV show. 

What I did like

The acting, character growth, plot twists that kept me on my toes, and the fact that season two was not afraid to go there ... if you know what I mean -- she's a young witch who performs magical spells all while trying to balance her mortal life in a mortal high school. Season two highlights this scenario even more because she is forced to choose between the coven and her mortal life now that she is a full witch. 

As we all predicted, Sabrina falls for Nick and they become the couple of the TV show. Since I am team Habrina (running with it) I was upset that we did not get the reunion we are all hoping for. Sorry to burst your bubble, but we don't always get what we want.

We just have to accept that Habrina may never happen again. As we get to know the characters, they may not be right for each other, so who knows? The split may be positive after all. Let's take a moment of silence for Nick and Sabrina -- I mean, just look at them: 

Courtesy of Netflix

I also liked the LGBTQ representation in the show. We all knew that Suzie was headed in one direction, transitioning, and the directors and writers handled her coming out story beautifully. Throughout her transition, there were fair amounts of messages that surfaced (rejection and support) that he received, and they brought tears to my eyes. We can all agree that we need a love interest for Theo -- season three had better follow up. 

Every single change that Sabrina experienced during season two was great. She was treated horribly in the first season until she signed her name in the book of the beast, taking on her full witch powers and forever changing the show. I think this decision for her to give in was positive for the overall performance of the show because it increased the likability factor of her character.

Since Sabrina has now accepted her fate, we were able to see the process of her dealing with this unfold. There was an incredible amount of character development and growth with everyone else as well, opening doors for the next installment. 

I give season two a 9 out of 10. Now onto season three!

Here were all of my emotions while watching: 

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Courtesy of  chescaleigh

Courtesy of chescaleigh

What are your thoughts on Part 2? Were you rendered confused or did you understand the references? Tell us your thoughts and feelings; we want to know it all.