According to The Hollywood Reporter, a sequel to the hit Netflix docuseries is on its way.

A new follow-up episode of Tiger King is underway, says a production member who worked on the docuseries.

The true-crime documentary centered around the rivalry between Joe Exotic, owner and operator of G.W. Zoo in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, and Carole Baskin, founder of Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida. Directed by Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin, the original seven-episode series was viewed more than 34 million times in its first 10 days on Netflix! It took the world by storm and gave us plenty of wild moments.

This new sequel episode, according to The Hollywood Reporter, will see the Tiger King filmmakers looking into entertainers Siegfried and Roy and the 2003 mauling that brought an end to the popular stage show. Roy Horn, 75, died on May 8 from complications of coronavirus.

Dr. James Liu, a member of the Goode Films production team, reached out to The Hollywood Reporter and indicated that this new episode will be a "higher-minded corrective to both the original seven-episode series as well as comedian Joel McHale’s aftershow special, the latter of which was not produced by the filmmakers."

However, a representative from Goode Films said that it's "untrue that the direction is going in a more conservational route" when asked about the upcoming episode.

Some aspects of the original Tiger King series did not sit well with critics and audience members alike, myself included (i.e., glorifying animal abuse, etc.). Goode even told Vanity Fair back in March,

"I went into this to explore a different side of the animal world in terms of wild animals in captivity. After spending years with these subjects, the project moved in a different direction. Netflix is very adept at making binge-worthy television and with these larger-than-life subjects that was pretty easy to do. However, my goal is and has always been the same, which is to raise awareness and help save the species."

A potential new episode could help folks forget about the misdeeds with those original episodes and be more aligned with what Goode was going for at the very beginning. Either way, Tiger King fans should be excited that there's the possibility of another episode in the near future.

This new addition to the docuseries is, of course, separate from the other Tiger King-related projects in the works with Nicolas Cage and Kate McKinnon.

Earlier this month, Exotic's former zoo reopened to the public as Tiger King Park.

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