"There's nothing here but hot singles in my area!"

The Rosebud Motel that became the iconic setting of the Emmy-winning show Schitt’s Creek is about to be up for grabs. Located in the Hockley Valley of Orangeville, Ontario, the motel is an actual motel that houses guests. In the show, it's the home of the downtrodden Rose family. Currently, the motel is owned by businessman Jesse Tipping, and it has housed a few more famous personalities than most fans of the show might realize.

Tipping has owned the motel since 2011 when he purchased it to house recruits for a prep-school basketball program; he is the president of the Athlete Institute Basketball Academy and Orangeville Prep. The motel has housed future NBA stars, including Jamal Murray of the Denver Nuggets and Kyle Alexander of the Miami Heat. It also served as a location for the movie A History of Violence, as well as 11.22.63 andThe Umbrella Academy.

The motel features eight mini-apartment rooms with a kitchenette and a three-bedroom home, as well as acting as an Airbnb for the last few years. Although Tipping never ran it as a Schitt’s Creek-themed spot or fan attraction, the area attracts hundreds of visitors every year. Tipping believes it was once a party spot in the 1960s and says there is likely a pool buried behind the property, however, he has not yet uncovered it. 

None of the show's interior scenes were filmed there, instead, the motel was used for a month each year to film exterior scenes and shots. The interior scenes were shot at a studio set in Toronto. Tipping hopes to list the motel in October, but he has not revealed the asking price yet.

What would you do if you happened to scoop up this motel featured on Schitt's Creek? Would you open it up as a functioning motel or turn it into something else altogether? Give us the scoop in the comments.