If you're looking for something a little different to binge, consider these British shows from across the pond.

The Great British Baking Show

At first glance, the thought of watching a bunch of British people baking in a tent might not seem that exciting. Once you get started, though, it will have you dusting off your hand mixer to try some of their incredible recipes.

The quirky humor of both the judges and the hosts will have you laughing as you ruthlessly critique the contestants' signature bakes. The Great British Baking Show is currently available to stream on Netflix.

Call the Midwife

This mid-century drama will have you thanking the stars for modern medicine. Follow along as a band of midwives practices in one of the poor districts of London. Each episode stands alone, but long-running relationships will keep you engaged through several seasons and Christmas specials.

Call the Midwife is currently available to stream on Netflix.

The Graham Norton Show

Graham Norton is one of the funniest talk show hosts around. He makes his guests feel welcome by digging up dirt on their early careers and plying them with drinks on his famous red couch. You can search around on YouTube and find full episodes as well as clips featuring "best of" moments.

He gets the biggest stars from all over the world, so start by doing a search of your favorite actor's name to see if he/she ever appeared on the show. You'll get hooked!

Downton Abbey

This is the grand matron of all British shows, in my humble opinion. Part historical drama, part romance, this epic story covers it all. You get a real glimpse into life during World War I and its aftermath.

Enjoy six seasons on Amazon Prime Video, as well as Christmas specials and a feature-length motion picture that does a great job of tying everything up nicely.

The Crown

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Royal Family and then some. Historians were consulted to make sure that the fascinating storyline stays as accurate as possible, even down to the extravagant costumes and sets.

You'll have a whole new perspective on the monarchy and its place in the world stage when you're done watching this one. You may even learn a thing or two! All three seasons are currently available on Netflix.

Have you seen any of these British shows? Did we miss any of your favorites on this must-see list? Let us know in the comments!