No. 7: "Christmas Wishes" (Season 8)

Why did the producers think that having Andy Bernard as the main character would be a good idea? There's a reason this one falls last on our list of The Office Christmas episodes, and it's mostly because of this one fact. He can't carry the show, and it's painfully obvious. Try as he may, he's no Michael Scott.

And honestly, the only somewhat entertaining part of this episode is the verbal (and partially, physical) banter between Dwight and Jim as they try to frame one another for pranks.

Oh, and don't even get us started with Robert California ... he's a little too involved.

the office, erin christmas GIF

Moments of Note:

  • Whenever Stanley speaks up, you know it's going to be, well ... interesting, and that was the case when he goes off on Andy's insistence at calling the Christmas party a "holiday party." He then lists off all of the ridiculous themed parties—including a Pulp Fiction Christmas and a Muslim Christmas, among others—that have occurred over the years. He then ends with, "I want Christmas. Just give me plain baby Jesus lying in a manger Christmas!"

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  • Dwight playing the air violin and vocalizing to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Christmas Eve" is just so ... Dwight. It only gets better (worse?) when Creed, Nate, and Gabe join in.