The popular miniseries may be heading for Broadway.

Ah, yes. The natural lifecycle of a story about chess: from 1983 novel to critically and publicly acclaimed miniseries to ... Broadway. Deadline reported that the Walter Tevis novel-turned Netflix show The Queen's Gambit is now in development as a musical.

“Entertainment company Level Forward has the acquired theatrical stage rights to the story...and plans to develop the property into a stage musical," writes Deadline.

Level Forward has, according to Deadline, “received a combined 37 Tony Award nominations” for “stage works” including What The Constitution Means To Me, Oklahoma!, Jagged Little Pill, and Slave Play.

CEO Adrienne Becker and Producer Julia Dunetz released a joint statement about the recent acquisition, saying:

"It is a privilege for Level Forward to lead the charge of bringing The Queen’s Gambit to the stage through the beloved and enduring craft of musical theater. Told through a brave and fresh point of view, audiences are already sharing in the friendship and fortitude of the story’s inspiring women who energize and sustain Beth Harmon’s journey and ultimate triumph. The story is a siren call amidst our contemporary struggles for gender and racial equity, and we’re looking forward to moving the project forward."

Does that mean the story might be told through the other women’s perspectives? And, crucially, will they dance on a giant chess board?? Unclear—as are other details of the project, including information on a potential creative team or casting. Still, we’re excited about the prospect of seeing our wry, stylish Beth onstage, red locks shining under the spotlight. 

Would you go see this (post-COVID)? What other shows or books would you love to see adapted into a musical? Sound off in the comments!