Society6 launched an art collection in collaboration with "Star Wars," featuring art depicting the characters and settings of the Disney+ show, "The Mandalorian."

It's been a month since the last, much-loved episode of the second season of The Mandalorian, and people are still in withdrawal.

If you need help getting through it, this is the waySociety6, which works with independent artists to produce made-to-order high-quality art prints, has officially collaborated with Star Wars to produce art "Honoring the characters and settings from the hit Disney+ series. Each piece of artwork," they add, "was designed by an artist (and Star Wars fan) from the Society6 community."

You can meet the artists here and read about the inspiration behind their pieces, from "The sheer cuteness of The Child...Cuteness is possibly the greatest force power" to "the sheer diversity of the Star Wars fan base and all of the different people that it has impacted over the decades."

Artwork for the show includes pieces like "Mando" by Matt Kehler

The Mandalorian, Society6, Matt Kehler

Courtesy of Society6 (Facebook)

"The Mechanic" by Cassidy Rae Marietta

The Mandalorian, Society6, Cassidy Rae Marietta

Courtesy of Society6 (Facebook)

And "Curious Child - Natural" by Berlin Michelle:

The Mandalorian, Society6, Berlin Michelle

Courtesy of Society6 (Facebook)

There are 28 designs over 10 products, so you've got options. If you're a casual fan, you can go small—like, really small—with a mini art print, acrylic box, or mug. Full-blown obsessed? Knock yourself out and get a tapestry, or better yet, a literal wall mural

The collection first launched in November, releasing a new design each week until December 21, as part of Mando Mondays. There's no telling how long it will stick around, so be sure to take a look! Drop a comment letting us know which designs you love, and what you're doing to survive the wait to Season 3