So. Much. Tiger. Print.

Tiger King star Carole Baskin made her debut on Dancing With the Stars last night, and man, it was a sight to behold.

Dancing with her partner Pasha Pashkov, the duo performed a Paso to the song "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor because, of course, they did. And the two danced in head-to-toe tiger print, which frankly, begs the question if this "look" will be a mainstay during Carole's time on the show. Just some food for thought ...

You can watch Carole Baskin's dance below:

During Dancing With the Stars premiere last night, the family of Don Lewis—Carole's husband who mysteriously vanished in 1997—had a commercial air in the local Florida markets. The commercial features Don's three daughters, his former assistant, and the family's attorney.

Check out the commercial below: