Binge-watch this new series on Netflix today!

The Liberator is the newest season to release on Netflix. This series is based on true events as captured in a book by Alex Kershaw in 2012, The Liberator: One World War II Soldier's 500-Day Odyssey From the Beaches of Sicily to the Gates of Dachau

The World War II infantry unit in Europe commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Felix Sparks saw more action and suffered more extreme circumstances than any other infantry. Sparks was a maverick officer—and his true story of survival was told for the first time in the book.

A photo caption reads, "After five hundred days of combat, Lieutenant Colonel Felix Sparks fires his pistol into the air to stop his men slaughtering capturing SS soldiers during the liberation of Dachau on April 29, 1945."

"A diverse, deeply brave crew of ragtag soldiers become some of the most heroic fighters of the European invasion in World War II. The Liberator premieres November 11, only on Netflix."

Already the series has received mixed reviews. The content and storyline rival Band of Brothers, while the artistic animation comes across as clumsy. Creators of The Liberator changed the plan during development from eight live-action episodes to four animated episodes.

"'For the rest of my life, if ever I go silent, or seem to leave you even when you're right beside me, you'll know where I am.' That gave me chills." ~Ritwika Datta

"This looks good, the animation really meshes with the material. If your gonna use different art styles make sure it still looks good and doesn't distract from the story." ~Blaze 14ZX

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