How these people didn't get seriously hurt, we'll never know.

Welcome to another edition of "Hold My Beer" Friday, where we'll share with you various videos that show off the best (and worst) things that can happen when someone says, "Hey, man, hold my beer ..."

This week, we're looking at some insane and terrifying "Hold My Beer" moments that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat, and not in a good way.

*Disclaimer: Please do not be like the people featured in these videos and be sure to drink responsibly. Know your limits.*

HMB while I risk paralysis for me and my girlfriend from r/holdmybeer

HMB while I bobsled down these stairs from r/holdmybeer
Hold my beer while I attack my friends with a four wheeler from r/holdmybeer
HMB as I throw this glass from r/holdmybeer
HMB while I go wakeboarding from r/holdmybeer

HMB while I use my lighter earrings. from r/holdmybeer
This guy decided to fight a bison in Yellowstone Park. YES! A BISON. from r/holdmybeer

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All of the videos were procured on the r/holdmybeer subReddit.