"Well, one of us is going to have to change ..."

Last month, Aurora teenager Mikayla Algeo and two friends headed to Omaha, Nebraska, to see the Jonas Brothers perform in concert, and as they met up, the three realized an awkward coincidence: all three were wearing black pants, white shoes, and jean jackets. Then, the girls headed to the concert.

At the stadium, they noticed several other concert-goers wearing the same combination of black pants, jean jackets, and white shoes. Algeo thought this was funny and decided to record herself with other fans dressed the same way, with most of the ladies in the video having no idea she was standing right next to them. The result was a very funny 60-second video that Algeo later posted to social media.

The video has gone viral, and she has since gotten local and national attention for the cute video. Check out Algeo’s video below:

Algeo herself thinks all the attention is crazy, as per her recent Facebook posts, and has decided to try and reach a new goal. She wants to be a guest on Ellen DeGeneres’s talk show. Ellen also happens to wear black pants, white shoes, and a jean jacket combination quite often. Algeo has posted on social media with the hashtag #jeanqueen and asked her followers to help her meet DeGeneres by sharing her post and tagging Ellen.

Way to go, Mikayla! Thanks for the laugh, and we hope you're able to meet Ellen! What do you think about Algeo’s viral video? We want to know what you think about all this, and if this is your top choice for a concert-going outfit? Sound off in the comments.