Say "cheese" ... 

A black bear approached a group of female hikers as they traversed a trail in Mexico.

The hiking spot, part of Chipinquie Ecological Park in San Pedro Garza Garcia, has always been the home to mesmerizing wildlife. But in this case, some of that wildlife got too close!

A video captured the moment a black bear crept up to a woman, even going so far as to stand on its hind legs to sniff her. While she remained cool and collected, her friends watched in awe. The bear ended up falling, then standing up again—against the woman! Although bystanders attempted to distract the creature, it wouldn't leave her. Realizing her situation, she actually pulled out her cell phone to take a picture with the bear!

Almost ironically, the bear seemed to pause long enough to stay for the picture, before dropping on its hind legs and, after gently hitting the woman's legs twice, leaving.

The woman immediately fled the area, but now with a new memento of the experience.

Social media blew up with this video and has accumulated over two million views since the weekend. Multiple people have commented on the situation. Rex Chapman, a former NBA player, wrote: "Oh. my. goodness. She's a rock. I want this girl in my foxhole..." on his page.

Yashar Ali, a journalist, remarked how the group of hikers performed well under such pressure.

"We don't see the lead up, but they handle themselves well. If a black bear is this close to you, it's too late to scare them off unless they're attacking you, then you should fight back. Otherwise, stay calm...don't run. Don't do that with a grizzly if they attack dead."

Another journalist, Clarence Hill Jr, said, "It's one thing to be brace, its another to be poised under pressure. My God."

Black bears are pretty common near the Chipinquie Ecological Park. Two of them ended up scaring a visitor while sniffing for food in garbage cans last December.

What do you think of this situation? Could you have acted that calmly and collectedly? Comment below!