In this exclusive interview with "D-Day" star Jesse Kove, we get to know the actor a little bit better. 

Jesse Kove stars in the upcoming movie D-Day, where he puts forth an absolutely incredible performance portraying First Sergeant Lommell. D-Day is about the battle of Pointe du Hock, a World War II D-Day mission that resulted in significantly lessening the casualties of Operation Overlord. 

Since many outlets have significantly covered the movie itself, we decided to use this interview to get to know Jesse Kove, the person. We very were curious as to how he got into acting and how his father, famed actor Martin Kove, influenced his journey. 

We also ask some good ol' get-to-know-you party questions (as many of our readers are used to at this point!). 

The result? Some good depth, hilarious stories, and a lot of laughs. Watch the video interview below to see what Jesse Kove had to say to OCN. 

D-Day, with Weston Cage Coppola, Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell, and Jesse Kove, is set for a September 13 release!