Just for you—a curated list of the most soothing and heartwarming cat videos.

There's a four-letter word that the internet was made for. That's right, cats! What else would it be? Maybe cats aren't the powerhouse meme that they were in 2008, but cats have garnered our admiration since ancient Egypt, and we show no signs of stopping that now. So please, enjoy this carefully-selected sequence of cat videos and let them cheer you up.

I've chartered us a tour across the internet to skim the best recent cat content. To start off we have a couple of choice subreddits, where some of the best cat content can be found.

Look at the bond between cat and owner (and a wonderful alternative to licking your cat):

My rescue cat allows me to help him groom from r/aww

PSA: Cat owners should be careful to check for any extra stuffing in their pillows and blankets.

Wait for it... from r/catvideos

Here's a really special purring critter; make sure you turn the sound on:

Apparently bear cubs sound like a flooded engine when they purr from r/aww

Oh whoops, that's my bad—that's not a cat.  Not sure how that got in here, won't happen again.

Let's hop over to Instagram, that's a great place for cat content.

Look at this poor little existential furball realizing that he has big dumb ears. Daww.

This three-legged cat is moved to great affection by a wistful keyboard (bonus points for a wristwatch-monch):


From @sarperduman: “Behind the scenes with Melahat 😅♥️” #catsofinstagram

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And here's this sneaky little monster getting into the fridge—How uncouth!


“Joon just sneak one snack”

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Ah rats, I did it again, that's not a cat. I hope you'll excuse the break in protocol—at least it was cute, I think. The good news is, YouTube has some excellent feline content.

Here's a recent star! This is the amazing talking cat, Big Billy ("the biggest wet willy, and I'm gonna go clearly, mmmm").

There are actually a ton of talented cats on YouTube. This one is thoughtfully playing the theremin (an odd, electronic instrument played by proximity to antennas).

Wow, are you feeling relaxed and entertained? Got the cuddly-warm-and-fuzzies? To round off today's tour of cat videos, here's a gfycat lightning round:

A sibling sneak attack, in a moment of paramount betrayal!

via Gfycat

Or this peculiar relationship of a cat and coyote, raised together, having a playful moment. Most tender:

via Gfycat

And as a final note and symbolic gesture of the coming-together of humans, animals, and goodwill:

from Aww GIFs via Gfycat

Pets really help make a house a home and bring in that sweet, sweet oxytocin to our brains. If you don't have one, that's all right—videos like these are just fine.

What's your favorite cat video? Or animal video in general? 

Post 'em in the comments and share the goodness!